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About La Respuesta Church Ministries

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of La Respuesta Church Ministries is to invoke a positive change in the lives of people through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


The vision of La Respuesta Church Ministries is for all to hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through various medias such as radio, television, and outreach.

What we Believe

As a growing Christ centered organization, we base all of our beliefs and practices on the infallible Word of God. We believe God's Word, The Bible, to be directly inspired by God. Because of this we accept The Bible to be the blueprint for the Christian faith. Click here to view a full copy of our Creed and beliefs.

Our Pastors

La Respuesta Church Ministries was founded by Servando & Rosie Ozuna with the vision of serving and changing the local community and beyond. With over 30 years in active ministry their goal is to serve as Good Stewards of La Respuesta Church Ministries. As Executive Pastors they have been at the forefront of the tremendous impact and growth of LRCM.  They, along with the pastoral team, work diligently to fulfill the mission & vision of La Respuesta Church Ministries.


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